In the professional world, we commonly encounter the word work-life balance from our peers, our superiors and the institutions we work for. In order for us to function properly in our work and home life, the balance between work and our daily life should not be altered in favor of the other. If we spend too much time and effort on work, we neglect our duties and responsibilities at home and alienate our loved ones. If we stay too much and get used to staying at home, we risk losing our jobs or not finding one. But little do we know that there is a third and integral part of this balance: faith.

Just because it is placed third doesn’t mean faith is like a third wheel to the harmonious balance of work and life. It is every bit as important (if not, even more important) as any of the two parts. Our faith is a significant part of our lives. When we consciously choose to follow the Word of God and the teachings of Jesus, we are also practicing our Christian faith. Faith is our moral compass as we journey through our professional and domestic lives. The stronger our faith is, the more reliable it is in guiding us through challenges, setbacks and problems that we may face at work or at home.

Our modern society is slowly going in the direction of giving more importance to earning and making money. In the process, we Christians are sometimes caught in the dangerous trap of busyness. When we become too preoccupied with matters regarding work and home responsibilities, we oftentimes tend to compromise the other part of the balance, which is faith. We may have less time to read the bible, join evangelical activities, weekly services, bible studies, and many other Christian activities. This can create a spiritual imbalance within us, which could eventually disrupt all parts of the  balance.

Faith is the only part of the balance than can be allowed to encroach on the other two parts, which are work and life. In fact, this is an even better way of balancing work, life and faith. When we bring our faith in work and in our homes, the guidance and blessings of God is continuous and uninterrupted. We can always have our faith to turn to in difficult situations at work or at home. When we put Jesus as the center of our work or career and the center of our homes, there is no problem too big or challenge too difficult. There will be no activity at work or at home that can preoccupy us or keep us too busy to remember keeping our connection with God. When we learn to work and live with faith, we learn to do all things in faith and make everything we do as a worthy sacrifice or offering to God.

Work-life-faith balance can be likened to the parts of a balance scale. Work and life are the either sides of the scale called the weighing pans, and at the center lies faith with its horizontal lever called beam, where the two pans are balanced out. When we have a strong faith in God, it is like having a sturdy beam to hang the two pans; with it you can put heavy weights on each pan to balance them out without worrying about breaking the beam. In life, when we strengthen our faith, we can become stronger and more equipped to face and resolve more complex problems and difficult challenges (For with God nothing shall be impossible. — Luke 1:37).

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