Last month had me literally in the middle of a humongous storm. I think how we handle the storms of life defines who we are and what we are made of.  If we stay strong when the winds beat on us, it will make us stronger.

In Acts, Paul was on a ship that was storm tossed.  His calm countenance and demeanor had a huge impact on all those on board.  He trusted God and God used him to witness to others.

God is sovereign over all of life’s storms.  When things are out of our control, God is still in control.  We aren’t necessarily out of His will when we get caught up in situations beyond our control.  We are still in His care.

It is our responsibility as Christians to trust openly in God’s wisdom and His ability to care for us in all situations.  However, He does want us to use common sense and caution.  We should act differently in storms of life than those who are not Christians.  God will use our trusting in Him as a testimony or witness to others.


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