Grace and Mercy Are Free, and Hope Is Eternal

No matter how disheartening the world is and whatever is happening in it, we have a Savior who gave us a great gift (John 3:16) and the hope of an eternal life we can’t even imagine! Grace is unmerited favor – we don’t deserve it. He has been merciful to all that receive His grace and His mercy is vast. Justification is part of the equation – our guilt and penalty of sin is removed through the sacrifice of His Son. What is the cost to us? Nothing but our faith

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God’s Gifts: Love, Joy, Peace, Galatians 5:22–23

Our capacity to love was God’s gift to us when He created us in His own image.A personal love relationship with Christ is the greatest need in today’s environment. Joy is another gift from God when we are instilled with the Holy Spirit. Joy is continuous despite the circumstances when the Lord is beside us and the Holy Spirit is in us. Lastly, true peace is a precious gift from our Heavenly Father when we allow Him to direct our life.We need God on a daily basis

Book also available at:  amazon

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