The people who attended the concert in Las Vegas probably did not wake up in the morning and wonder if they would be alive  the following morning.  Most people don’t consciously wait for tragedy to strike or death to come.  Even the next morning, hearing or seeing the news report “50 plus people dead and at least 200 injured” stunned the country.  We felt horror and then heart sick for those families who lost loved ones.

Those that were injured will go on to enjoy life for a day, month, year or even 25 years.   Those that died are either in Heaven or hell.  If you are a Christian and have read the book of Revelation, you know the end of the story and have the hope of an eternal home.Psalm 67 calls God’s people to make Him known to our hurting world so they may have hope of an eternal home as He has promised.  The best is yet to come!

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