Welcome to the real world! Sounds familiar, right?  Most people are employed after getting their education whether it is at a nine-to-five office job; author writing at home; owning a business; mother at home taking care of the family; or those in the military. You can love your job for many different reasons from the beginning, but as time goes by, you can grow tired of your daily routine in whatever your workplace and feel lonely and dissatisfied.

Whether you are running your own personal business, stuck in your own station in a corner of a busy office, or just simply working at home, loneliness or feeling isolated can be a very real issue. It may sound like a trivial thing; however, if it’s not addressed properly, it can hinder one’s office productivity and eventually affect your health. This phenomenon can be caused by a wide variety of different reasons, from private family problems or matters to mental illnesses. Also, sickness, loss of a relationship, death of a loved one, dominating or toxic boss/colleague, discrimination at work, financial worries, pressure at work, and other home based factors contribute as major roles in the development of loneliness.

Although some people enjoy working in silent environments, they still need interaction which could come in the form of small talk, happy hour, or occasionally eating lunch with a friend or colleague. In order to cope with isolation and loneliness, the first step is to always recognize the problem. Once you realize you – or someone you know – have been feeling lonely or isolated at work, you can start by addressing the issue. Start by breaking the ice. You can do it with casual small talk with the team members, or joining a colleague for lunch. Make the change yourself, especially if you are the extrovert. Who knows? They may have been too shy before and would appreciate the effort. If you’re the boss, manager, or supervisor, you may try to hold weekly team meetings for some feedbacks or simply a general performance assessment. Your employees would certainly love to hear what you think. That could also serve as an avenue to brainstorm for new ideas. You can also foster team spirit and good office culture by initiating different events of activities for your employees.

Since you spend a large chuck of your life at your job, most people benefit from having someone to talk to about the daily grind. You don’t need to be the friendliest employee at the office to combat workplace woes. You need to keep an open mind and good attitude towards others. After all, we could all use a friend.  One friend we can always count on is Jesus.  We can always go to Him in prayer!

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