Life is filled with many uncertainties and unexpected situations.  If you tune in to any station carrying news on any day, you will be inundated with news and weather that is bad and sad.  These are times of terrorism and violence everywhere.  No matter how disheartening the world is and whatever is happening in it, we have a Saviour who gave us a great gift (John 3:16) and the hope of an eternal life we can’t even imagine!

As a family we should seek refuge in God through prayers and devotions. We should nurture this relationship, allowing it to grow and have family devotions, strengthening and passing down our faith.

The family that prays together are truly blessed. It is true! Praying together brings righteousness, kindness, love and peace in each family. Be with your children during devotions and teach them how to pray. Let them realize that praying is like talking to the Lord. It is the time where they can speak to Him about their love and heartaches. Let them know that He listens to everything and He is always there. Help them learn to pray with praise, confession, petitions, and thanksgiving.

The Bible is the most important book you can share with your family. Reading the Bible together is one of simplest but enriching ways you can do it. Children learn more from the narration and chronicles of the different characters in the Bible. They gain many insights from the many stories accounted and help them to understand more about our faith in Jesus. The Bible tells us about the life and ministry of God. This would inspire us to reflect on His words and accept His will.

Be open about the family’s needs. They can also ask questions which you, along with the other members of the family, can think and ponder together.

I have written two small books that I wrote to encourage Bible study.  They are simple to understand, even for children.  Each day you can use a different aspect to ponder and discuss or just read along with the Bible.  The important thing is to practice it diligently and whole-heartedly.  It will bring your family closer together and even more importantly, closer to the Lord.

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