God is my partner.  How could you ever be afraid with a partner like Him.  God makes the difference in any situation.  God is never victimized by circumstances.  He is always the Master.  Nothing is too hard for God.  Any person with God is a majority anywhere, anytime, in any situation.  The person who has God may be down for the moment, but he is not beaten, with God you can bounce back stronger than ever.

Many people have difficulty believing in God when the world is filled with so much suffering and evil. If you have God as your partner, He will help you through any situation or adversity.  Adversity can be a bridge to a deeper relationship with God. Our dark moments in life will be lightened if we allow God to share our burdens.  He is only a prayer away.  If we fight all of our battles on our knees, we will win each and every time.

A personal love relationship with Christ is the greatest need of today’s society.  We need Him on a daily basis!




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